Smartie Statistics

I had 11 smarties in my packet. The colour with the most of it was Orange. The average of smarties in the box was 11. On average orange had the most. It was easier to add up the total myself. The fill tool is useful because you don’t have to write down everything. The person with the most was will with 13 smarties


Colour Ben
Orange 3
Pink 1
Purple 0
Yellow 1
Brown 0
Blue 2
Red 2
Green 2
Total 11

Multiple Intelligences

I completed a survey that said my strengths are Kinaesthetic (body smart) and Intarpersonal (myself smart). Another thing it said I .was good at was Logical (number smart).

I agree with this becausei like sport and try to be active.

The most interesting thing is hat  Visual/Spatial (picture smart) and Naturalistic (nature smart) are the two bottom .


Tips For Effective Searches

Some types for effective searches are try not to use words such as “the” and “and” because it will have every page that has them in it. Try to use a little words as possible. Try to use nous (names of things). A bad search would be How fast to cheetas run a good search would be “Cheetas runnig speed”

Start Of Year 7

So Far:

  • I have enjoyed doing school cricket.
  • I can improve in science.
  • My favourite subject is P.E because I like physical activities.
  • My favourite3 house activity has been swimming sports.
  • I have  39 stamps most of my stamps are from Miss Hollis.